Lagoa Yoga Berlin – Class description

Vinyasa Yoga classes

Vinyasa Yoga, where movement is synchronized with both inhalation and exhalation, has its origins in traditional Hatha Yoga. This style is often referred to as Yoga Flow because the postures (asanas) flow into each other in a fluid manner. In this yoga class, breathing is of great importance as the movement from one asana to the next is done in unison with inhalation and exhalation. It is the attention to breathing (breathing = living) that turns the challenging exercises into Yoga. The literal translation of Vinyasa means “connection”, so in Vinyasa Yoga, that is the connection of movement and breathing.

Early Morning Yoga

These early morning Yoga classes vary slightly depending on the personal style of the Yoga teachers. However, what they all have in common is Yoga poses and flows that will wake you up and leave you well centered and cheerful for the day ahead. Suitable for early risers who like to enjoy the freshness of the morning outside and the city awakening at their feet.

Yin Yang Yoga

‘For every yang, there is a yin! Even in Yoga.’
In the first part of the Yin Yang class, you’ll experience a themed selection of yang asanas that develop strength, muscle tone, balance, and endurance. Yang is understood as a masculine principle. In the second part, you will be guided to the yin side, which is associated with the moon and the feminine aspect. Within the body, it corresponds to the bones, tendons, and fascia.

Yin yoga is practiced mainly seated and lying down. It is a more passive style and an excellent balance to a stressful daily routine.

Sarah Powers, a renowned yin teacher, says that Yin Yoga is most effective whenever more active yang forms of Yoga are practiced additionally.

Short meditation and breathing exercises are incorporated into the Yin Yang classes. Suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners.

Yin Yoga classes

Yin Yoga is the perfect complement to any dynamic Yoga practice. The asanas are held in seated or reclining positions for an extended period of time, allowing the body to sink even deeper into the posture and release. This release may occur on a mental and physical level, creating a meditation-like relaxation of body and mind. The focus in this Yoga class is on deeper body layers, connective tissues, and fascia. During this Yoga class, one comes to rest – Chi flow in the body is harmonized, and a prolonged sense of inner peace is achieved.

Pilates classes

Pilates is a gentle but very effective method to strengthen the body’s core (the so-called powerhouse). Postural problems and discomfort of the lumbar spine will quickly disappear with Pilates. Training the deep muscle layers in the pelvis and torso improves flexibility and strengthens the center. Through Lagoa Pilates, you will soon change your posture and habits of movement and transfer your newly gained body awareness into everyday life. Unlike Yoga classes, Pilates exercises also utilize a variety of equipment.

After Work Flow

This functional Yoga flow is exactly what you need to improve strength, mobility, and stability. You will develop more freedom and latitude to adapt movement to your own body – on and off the mat. Crucial aspects such as proportions, weight-bearing angles, and biomechanics are taken into consideration. Valuable information you can later apply to any other yoga class or physical activity. The sensibly constructed sequences leave enough room for discovering your personal variation, and always with a good sense of humor!

Ballett Barre classes

This unique workout combines elements of Pilates, Yoga, and Ballet in a highly effective workout routine on the Ballet Barre and mat. Bodyweight, dumbbells, elastic bands, and small balls are used in conjunction. With Ballet Barre, you will get long, lean muscles like those of a dancer. The low-impact, full-body workout lifts the butt, tones the thighs, flattens the abs, and shapes the arms while protecting the joints. Small isometric contractions are performed and combined with interval training that burns fat and increases cardiovascular fitness. As a result, posture, flexibility, endurance, and stability are quickly improved, and the body is realigned, re-centered, and working harmoniously and efficiently. This workout is suitable for everyone as there are different modifications for each level to suit the abilities of all students.

Body Work classes

The Body Work class at Lagoa Yoga Berlin is a varied full-body workout featuring dynamic strength exercises. Exercising with your own body weight, dumbbells, tubes, and core balls strengthens and defines the muscles. As a result, the spine is stabilized, and posture is improved. This intensive full-body workout burns fat very effectively and improves stamina.

Forrest Yoga

The pillars of Forrest Yoga are Breath- Strength- Integrity- Spirit. It was founded by Ana Forrest, a world-renowned Yoga teacher, and author. She realized that a renewal of traditional Yoga was needed for her students – adapted to the needs of contemporary western lifestyles and bodies. Her Yoga style strengthens the upper and lower back, teaches how to use the breath, and has an extraordinarily healthy and intelligently constructed sequence of exercises. This class aims to build strength, heal, and develop greater self-awareness so that you may move through life with more integrity.

Yoga Kurse Open Level

In the Open Level, previously practiced Yoga positions and breathing techniques are improved and intensified in a step by step approach. Advanced exercises are gradually introduced in this class. Yoga Open Level is also suitable for advanced students who wish to calmly practice and improve their asana alignment.

Deep Work classes

Deep Work is an effective full-body interval workout designed to build stamina and tone the deep muscle layers. During the one-hour workout, endurance sequences alternate with strength exercises. The Deep Work class at Lagoa Yoga is also suitable for beginners because everyone trains at their own pace accompanied by deep house music. The program is an ideal cardiovascular workout. It strengthens the muscles, reduces stress, and activates fat metabolism.

Yoga Anfänger classes/Level 1

To provide you with the best introduction to the world of Yoga, Lagoa Yoga has developed a special class for Yoga beginners. Each Yoga position is explained in detail, and the teacher pays special attention to proper execution. In this class, Yoga basics and correct breathing techniques are taught to prepare you properly for the next level.

Vinyasa Focus

Vinyasa Focus is a cycle of six consecutive classes that are thematically tied to a particular focus. It addresses that particular theme with particular intensity in a 90-minute class.
Every Monday, you can approach the topics of breath, center, standing postures, backbends, twists, forward bends, hip openings, reverse postures, and balances, one after the other, to learn, practice, and deepen the respective asanas integrated into the Vinyasa Flow.


While the physical Yoga practice has a strengthening effect on your body, pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation give you a calmly focused mind and deepen your Yoga practice.

Hatha Yoga classes

Traditional Hatha Yoga is a body-oriented form of Yoga that focuses on improving the human body. This Yoga class affects the mind and consciousness and primarily teaches flexibility and patience. The physical exercises in Hatha Yoga strengthen the muscles, especially in the back, and significantly increase muscular, tendon, and ligament flexibility. Through the individual asanas (exercises), this yoga class strives to achieve a balance between the elemental energies of body and mind. The asanas are held longer than in Vinyasa Yoga. The Hatha Yoga Pradipika says that Hatha Yoga is the foundation of all other Yoga paths. Hatha Yoga at Lagoa Yoga is ideal for promoting physical strength and mental well-being.

Yoga classes/Level 2

The asanas are explored in more depth and held longer in these Yoga classes. Calm breathing will be learned, even during physically demanding postures. More challenging exercises are integrated into this Yoga practice. This Yoga level is ideal for participants with previous Yoga experience.

MEDITATION & Sound bathing

30 minutes just for you. Through gentle movements and sounds, deep regenerative relaxation and meditation will be achieved. In this class, you will learn different techniques to keep your body and mind calm and develop mental strength and integrity. The class is open to all levels and can be taken on its own or in combination with 60 minutes of Vinyasa Yoga before!


This fun-filled, full-body workout improves coordination and sparks effective fat-burning.


An intense full-body interval workout to boost your endurance. Be prepared to work up a good sweat with this workout.

Healthy back gymnastics

In this popular workout you will be instructed according to the latest scientific findings in order to strengthen your back, improve your posture and tone your glutes.


This class invites you to start your Sunday dancing. The emphasis is on fun, fitness and of course good music.


This workout specifically promotes the properties of the muscular connective tissue, our ‘second skin’. During self-massage techniques with the BLACKROLL, the “adhesions” of muscular fasciae are loosened and your workout becomes more effective and the fasciae more supple.