The Dance of the Goddess

The Goddess in each of us Workshop with Anna 11 June from 15:00 – 17:00

35€ 19% VAT included

The inner goddess is the natural manifestation of feminine energy. In order for her to manifest, she must be purified. There are many ways, and I will share with you one that I have developed myself. I am inviting you for practice!

The practice consists of yoga, dance, and music. It involves training the flexibility of the mind, concentration, and control over the body and breath.

What are we going to do?
– Dance and enjoy
– Practice and let go
– Work on the emotional state of the body

Dance of the Goddess is a conscious training of tenderness, flexibility, femininity, grace, and strength. After practice, you will discover your body in a new way!

The workshop will be taught in English and is suitable for all levels.

About the teacher

If you are familiar with the practice of yoga and have a desire to go further and progress, then you are welcome to attend Anna Oksymet’s classes.

Anna has been teaching yoga for eight years and has developed a unique teaching style that inspires her students* and provides them with physical and mental strength.

Lessons include:
– Breathing exercises
– Concentration exercises
– Introduction to new ways of bodily expression
– Practical application with assistance in the executions

Certified teacher “Universal Yoga” Lappa A. V. UYTTC RYT 200, 2019
Certified teacher “Universal Yoga” Lappa A. V. UYTTC RYT 300, 2021
Since 2014 Anna has taught group classes regularly in Kyiv’s studios, provided online courses and Master-Classes (for yoga teachers* and participants* of different levels). She is also a yoga teacher for many projects, seminars and festivals in Ukraine: for example at the Carpathian Yoga Fest, Yoga Life Fest, Avatar Yoga Fest, Vedalife, Kyiv Acro Fest, Yogic Progect, Kyiv Sunrise Yogaz.

Learn how to properly set your body during basic exercises in order to motivate yourself and enter the “get out of your comfort zone” mode!

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