With our summer special, we gently and soothingly accompany you through the hot season,

…just like a ‘SUMMER BREEZE’.

For a one-time fee of 66,-€, you can practice at LAGOA YOGA from the 1st of June until the 30th of September without having to think about renewing your contract.

During that time, you can enjoy the variety of the LAGOA YOGA class program and our sauna for relaxation and recreation.

‘SUMMER BREEZE’ allows for you to attend two classes of your choice per week, including sauna use.

It is a wonderful opportunity to experience LAGOA YOGA and its unique atmosphere while keeping your soul, torso, and limbs nimble and strong.

Treat yourself to a touch of lightness and book your ‘SUMMER BREEZE’ with us, at LAGOA YOGA, on Uhlandstr. /Charlottenburg.

The earlier you join, the greater the benefit*.


* for further information, please inquire directly at the front desk or call 030 /882 20 49