Start now!

A tryout is possible twice within 10 days and costs 25,00 EUR each (reduced 20,00 EUR).

If you cannot make it to your appointment, please let us know in good time by phone. Please bring your ID card and be there 15 minutes before the class starts. If you decide to become a member right after your first trial, we will waive the 25€ (reduced 20,00 EUR) and our initiation fee of 59€.
If you sign a contract after your second trial lesson, you will be credited for the two trial lessons (50€, reduced 40€).

We are a female-only facility and are happy to offer you a safe environment where you can practice with like-minded people and exchange ideas.


Trial lesson                      25,00         EUR                                 per class

BASIC                               78,00         EUR / monthly              duration 12 months

FLEXI                                88,00         EUR / monthly              duration 12 months

reduced prices under 30 years

Trial lesson                      20,00         EUR                                 per class

BASIC                               68,00         EUR / monthly              duration 12 months

FLEXI                                76,00         EUR / monthly              duration 12 months

With a 6-month membership, the monthly membership fee increases by €20.

Drop-In’s are possible twice a month at a price of €30.00 per person and course.

What is best for you?
We will be happy to help you find the offer that suits you best.

This plan is the most cost-effective way to practice if you want to attend one class a week (a total of 4x per month). The sauna is included. Duration 6 months: If you want to practice more frequently, you can always upgrade to the Flexi plan.

With this plan, you have unlimited access to all classes every day. The sauna is included.