Lagoa Yoga welcomes all yogis, fresh air activists, visitors of Bikini Berlin, and of course all LAGOA YOGA members and their friends to the “open-air-Yoga 2021” (july-september) on the terraces of the


In order to properly ‚indulge‘ in the regained ‚freedom‘ to your heart’s content and to turn your participation into a celebration, a few points must be observed and adhered to:

There are two event areas on the north/east side of the BIKINI BERLIN facing away from the street:

  1. The somewhat smaller north terrace and
  2. the large east terrace

Classes take place at different times, either early in the morning or late in the afternoon/evening.

The respective times are published through a class schedule, which can be viewed and downloaded from the website:

Classes will be held in dry weather conditions only at temperatures above 18′ and below 35′ Centigrade in the shade. The decisive factor is the weather forecast on the evening before, up to 20.30h.

The following rules of participation apply:

All Berliners with an affinity for movement, BIKINI BERLIN guests, and all LAGOA YOGA members and their friends are cordially invited.

In order to avoid overcrowding, registration via the LAGOA YOGA website is mandatory,

Booking is available 24 hours prior to the start of the desired class.

If we inadvertently missed something in this description, we will immediately make corrections as soon as we become aware of it.

LAGOA YOGA wishes all its members, guests, and BIKINI BERLIN visitors a wonderful summer and a lot of fun with gently flowing, and sometimes a bit more strenuous, movements out in the ‚fresh‘ and warm Berlin air…



All participants must arrive 15 minutes prior to class to undergo all necessary checks, including:

  • Check-in of all registered participants
  • A general obligation to wear mouth and nose protection in class does not apply.

After all registered guests have passed the check-in, admission of non-registered guests will start.

Due to the consecutive class schedule and other time constraints, it is important that all classes start on time.

Although LAGOA YOGA is originally a female-only facility, male yogis are welcome to join our classes on the BIKINI BERLIN terraces as well.
Participation is granted after prior registration via A fee of 5, -€/class will be charged.
The same applies to female non-members without GIFT- or BONUS-CARD, as well as members with a dormant membership.


Please bring your own yoga equipment (if available), e.g., mats and blocks.

A limited number of mats and blocks will be provided by LAGOA YOGA and disinfected by LAGOA YOGA staff after each class.

Please make sure to stay hydrated! Personal beverages may only be brought to the training area in non-glass containers/sports bottles.

There will be no beverages for sale!

Unfortunately, there is no changing area, so we ask you to come already prepared wearing suitable, light sportswear.

The guest bathrooms can be used free of charge during the opening hours of the BIKINI BERLIN (10.00h -20.00h).

A LAGOA YOGA staff member is available for questions before, during, and after each class.

You may reach the BIKINI BERLIN by public transport via train: RE1, RE2 – via S-Bahn: S7, S9 – via U-Bahn: U1, U2, U9, and via bus: lines 109, 200, M19, M29, M46, M49, X34.

In addition, there are free bicycle parking spaces on the street side of the BIKINI BERLIN and paid parking for your motor vehicle in an adjacent parking garage.